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We help you keep eyes on what matters the most to you!

Rotren Solutions is proud to offer the best brands and the most unrivalled customer support. With this goal in mind, our commitment is based upon the following pledge: Knowledge, Prevention, Quick Response, Efficiency and Performance. We are here to make sure that those people and places that matter the most to you are always covered!

Thank you for considering our products and services - We guarantee we'll make every effort to satisfy your highest demands!

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Surveillance hardware & apps that suit your needs

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Business Surveillance

Surveillance can help solve many business problems. Our team will design according to your needs with a number of options covering a wide spectrum of surveillance systems, ranging from standard-featured surveillance camera systems to the most advanced, high-performance camera positioning systems and software.

Residential Surveillance

Throughout your busy week, stay connected to everything you love 24/7. View your home and keep an eye on your children, pets and valued possessions from wherever you are. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is safe and secure.

Smart Buildings

Want to live that 'Star Trek' dream life? Let Rotren turn your dreams to reality with our smart building design solutions. Control different parts of your home directly from your phone or tablet..even when you're out the country!

Video Analytics

Video analytics help tell the story behind consumer behaviour at your business outlets. Rotren will help you get value from the intangible aspects of your business you didn't even know you could get information from. From tracking customer behaviour on your shop floors to help with product placement, to knowing how your staff perform their duties so as to better allocate time spent on the job..Rotren can help you get this intelligence


Let Rotren setup your network

Then kick back and keep eyes on what matters the most to you..wherever you are

Wi-fi enabled

Keen to avoid unnecessary wall breaking and changes to your environment just because of your camera network...don't worry..we have wireless cameras that work just as well as their wired cousins!

Video Analytics

Get the most out of your surveillance system by haranessing the intelligence within. Our software solutions will help you do just that!

Anywhere access

All our solutions can be accessed while on the move on your mobile devices (iOS & Android)
Expert security system integrators & building automation consulting, installations and monitoring in Nigeria and West Africa

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